Conference of the Secretaries of Civil Aviation

Issue: 5 / 2022

Ministry of Civil Aviation has organised the Conference of the Secretaries of Civil Aviation of all the states and union territories. The inaugural session was chaired by Rajiv Bansal, Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation. The objective of the conference was to promote greater collaboration and synergy between state civil aviation departments and the Ministry of Civil aviation to augment the development of the civil aviation sector.

Rajiv Bansal said there has been a lot of progress in the last year. Domestic air traffic is almost near to the pre-Covid level, multiple new airports have been inaugurated, and new routes have been launched, policy steps to promote drone, Helicopter Medical Emergency Services and Fractional Ownership have been initiated. The Secretary requested states to reduce VAT on ATF and appreciated those states who have already done it. Subjects of Infrastructure support, Taxation related issues and promotion of last mile connectivity were discussed during the conference.