CemAir orders six CF34-3B engines to power its expanding fleet

Farnborough, England July 20, 2022

CemAir has ordered six new CF34-3B spare engines to power its fleet of Bombardier CRJ 100/200 LR aircraft. The Johannesburg-based company currently owns and operates a fleet of 12 CRJ 100/200 LR airliners.

"The CF34-3B has set industry standards for performance and reliability," said Cristina Seda-Hoelle, General Manager, Regional and Business Aviation for GE. "We are honored that CemAir has placed its confidence in us with this order."

Derived from the proven TF34 military engines, the CF34-1A entered service in 1983 powering the Canadair Challenger 601 business jet. The CF34-3B entered service in 1995, offering lower fuel consumption at cruise, a faster rate of climb, and shorter hot-day/high-altitude takeoff performance.

"Our business continues to expand and add routes and this order for CF34 engines comes at the right time," said CemAir CEO, Miles van der Molen. "These highly-utilized engines offer reliability and fuel efficiency that meets our business objectives."

All CF34 engines, like all GE engines, can operate on approved sustainable aviation fuel blends today.