Dehradun Airport gearing up for a makeover and enhanced capacity

September 23, 2020 Photo(s): By AAI
Hybrid Curtain Wall (Work in Progress)

To meet the expected future growth of passenger footfall, AAI's Dehradun Airport is getting upgraded in phases at the project cost of 353 Crores. First Phase of development work includes construction of Domestic Terminal Building along with Utility Block, Car park, Sewage Treatment Plant, Rainwater Harvesting Structures and other ancillary structures.

With an area of 42,776 sqm, the New Terminal Building will be able to handle 1,800 passengers during peak hours, thereby expanding the capacity of the airport by eightfold. The building will have a concourse, check in area, security hold and arrival lounge at ground floor, security hold at first floor and other services& various offices at mezzanine floor. Equipped with 36 check- in counters and four aerobridges, the new terminal will have all the modern facilities like self-check-in kiosks and Inline baggage screening facility. Ample retail space spread in an area of 6,465 sqm is also planned, to help accelerate the generationof revenue and employment for local youth.

(Left to right) Ramp for PBB(work in progress) and Skylight view

The design height of the building is optimally done to reduce the cost of construction and operation. The Building has been designed to provide passengers and visitors a sense of place highlighting the culture and heritage of Uttarakhand. Arched façade is inspired by the work featured at Forest Research Institute, Dehradun and the feature columns are inspired by the form of Brahmakamal, the state flower of Uttarakhand.

The new building will also have eco-friendly sustainable features like double curved roof to aid in rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment plant,solar power system, energy efficient fixtures and provision of maximum natural light through skylights.

The second phase of the development work will include shifting of operations from existing terminal building to the new one and construction of balance portion of terminal building along with integration of all the services& completion of balance works. Almost 80% of the development work of first phase is completed and the project is likely to be ready by October, 21.

(left to right) Utility Building and Perspective Interior view – Baggage claim area
Perspective Air side view (East Side)
Perspective City side view (Aerial)