Boeing Global Services forecasts 1.2 million pilots and technicians needed by 2036

20 year demand for cabin crew exceeds 800,000

July 24, 2017

Boeing released its 2017 Pilot and Technician Outlook today at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh and projects a demand for more than 1.2 million pilots and technicians over the next 20 years.

Now in its eighth year, the outlook is a respected industry study that forecasts the 20 year demand for crews to support the world's growing commercial airplane fleet.

Boeing forecasts that between 2017 and 2036, the world's commercial aviation industry will require approximately:

  • 637,000 new commercial airline pilots
  • 648,000 new commercial airline maintenance technicians
  • 839,000 new cabin crew members

The 2017 outlook shows a slight increase of 3.2 percent for pilots over the 2016 outlook, and a slight decrease in the need for airline maintenance technicians (4.6 percent), primarily driven by the reduction in maintenance hours required on the 737 MAX.

Projected demand for new pilots, technicians and cabin crew by global region for the next 20 years is approximately:

 Region  New Pilots  New Technicians  New Cabin Crew
 Asia-Pacific  253,000  256,000  308,000
 Europe  106,000  111,000  173,000
 North America  117,000  118,000  154,000
 Latin America  52,000  49,000  52,000
 Middle East  63,000  66,000  96,000
 Africa  24,000  23,000  28,000
 Russia / CIS  22,000  25,000  28,000


For information about the Outlook, including how the data is compiled, please visit: