MTU Maintenance Canada and Volaris sign exclusive engine accessories contract

June 28, 2017

MTU Maintenance, one of the world's leading providers of services for commercial aero engines, and Mexican ultra-low-cost airline Volarishave signed an exclusive five-year contract for themanagement of the carrier's V2500 engine accessories. The agreement covers accessory repair and coordination during engine shop visits on a fixed-price basis. Services will be performed at MTU's Maintenance accessory repair center of excellence in British Columbia, Canada.This new agreement builds on the outstanding business relationship that the two companies have shared since 2013.

Volarisis a Mexican airline with more than 60 destinations in Mexico, the U.S.and Central America. Founded in 2003 and beginning commercial flightsin 2006, the airline boasts the youngest fleet in Mexico. It is the second largest airline in Mexico and has achieved a market share of 27 percent over the last decade.

MTU Maintenance is the world's largest service provider forthe V2500 family of engine models with over 4,300 shop visits on the engine family since 1989. As part of its comprehensive engine services, MTU Maintenance provides specialized LRU and accessory management and support. Its in-house repair and test capabilitiesrange from fuel components such as pumps, fuel con-trols, actuators and electrical components to pneumatic components that include valves and starters.