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Table of Contents : SP's AirBuz Issue 02-2017
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Helicopters in Asia-Pacific

By B.K. Pandey

For the rotary-wing fleet in the Asia-Pacific region, the future appears to be promising as despite the uncertainties and impediments, demand for helicopters in the region appears set to grow

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  Special Recognition
SP Guide Publications Receives 'Special Contribution Award' at 3rd BizAvIndia Awards Event
By Neetu Dhulia, Bengaluru

The third edition of BAOA’s BizAvIndia Conference and Awards was held at the Leela Palace in Bengaluru on the eve of Aero India 2017.
  Marketing Feature
Introducing L3's MatriX™

A Modular ISR Package for the Black Hawk UH-60 Platform
Markets with Soaring Potential
By R. Chandrakanth

Various surveys have given different estimates on commercial helicopter deliveries, but they all remain positive about the Asia-Pacific region which has many areas that are poorly connected by air transportation
Bell Helicopters Meet Diverse Needs of Asia-Pacific

In an interview with Rohit Goel of SP’s AirBuz, the Managing Director of Bell Helicopters, Asia, Sameer A. Rehman talks about how the platforms fit the needs of Asia-Pacific.
Rohini, India's First Heliport
By R. Chandrakanth

It is the first integrated heliport which is expected to further boost the plans of the government to increase remote and regional air connectivity
  Unmanned Systems
Unmanned in Civil Airspace
By B.K. Pandey

The integration of unmanned aerial platforms into the civil airspace that is normally inhabited by routine civil air traffic would pose immense operational and technological challenges
Reinventing Airfares (Again)
By Byron Bohlman, Vancouver/Canada

Mainline airlines around the world are adopting low-cost carrier (LCC) fare structures in order to tap into the growing number of price-sensitive consumers. They’re also hoping that many of those travellers will pay slightly more.
  Regional Aviation
Jets vs Turboprops
By B.K. Pandey

When it comes to performance, both jet and turboprop aircraft in the regime of business aviation have attributes and limitations that a prospective buyer would need to take into account while selecting and evaluating the platform
70 Airports for UDAN
By R. Chandrakanth

“The geographical spread of the airports covered is interesting.”
— P. Ashok Gajapathi Raju, Minister of Civil Aviation
Sustainable and Green Engines
By R. Chandrakanth

Jet aircraft in service today are well over 80 per cent more fuel-efficient per seat kilometre than the first jets in the 1960s
VIP Culture — A Hazard to Air Safety
By B.K. Pandey

Unruly passengers onboard can be a major safety hazard for the aircraft and its occupants
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